Thursday, March 18, 2010

The body bleeds

Test to try and link the blog to music

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Purpose of this site

Good day! I have had some messages laid on my heart that would be considered very hard and angry by some folks, and I have been reluctant to preach or publish these. Because of their very nature, it is sometimes hard to separate the flesh from a message. Usually on a message of that type, I will not preach it or publish it. Yet I find that there are one or two that will not leave me, and I feel I have to give them. I believe that to not post them somewhere would be disobedient. Since they are very direct, I decided to create this separate site and you can decide as you read the messages if they are from the spirit or the flesh. All I can say is that I believe they are God inspired and in obediance I must respectfully preach them. The messages certainly are not of the "We're all OK" variety. But folks, the "organized church" is not ok. We have too many pastors and preachers that are reluctant to preach these hard messages. Sometimes I wonder how many messages in churches are watered down nowadays or simply not given. I've been guilty of this myself. There are many reasons a preacher might not give a God sent message :
A preacher grows to love the praise of man more than the praise of God.
A preacher fears for his job, he has put his security over preaching faithfully.
A preacher may not want to preach the message because he isn't right with God and the message is for him specifically.
The message may sting so much that the congregation will gnash on the preacher as Stephen experienced.
Preaching the true Word of God is offensive to the "make believe" Christian, and it seems the churches have plenty of those. Yet I thank God there is always a remnant of believers. It's not for me to say because who knows another heart but for God? I sure don't want to be any one's judge because I would judge wrongly. But God does know. This site is called On this site I am going to post those messages that are "hard" messages. Because they are personal also to me, it is hard sometimes to separate the flesh from creeping in on these types of messages, thus the name of the site, Spirit or Flesh? You can make your own decision. But to the easily offended, be warned, you may very well be. And yet, perhaps, hard hearts may be broken. At no point will names or locations be given, these messages are for the church as a whole, the true world-wide church. And perhaps God will use them to convict or cause Godly repentance in heart that has grown lukewarm. I pray this is so. It may be that my opinion is predominant in these messages, if so, consider them flesh and forgive me, and I pray God will correct me. But if they be of the Spirit, hear it.